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 Born in Argentina, mum, married to an Englishman, living just outside of London in the lovely village of Ewell. My life is a mixture of so many things... and I guess so is my blog. 

I love crafting and most of all making hand made gifts. I remember from very early childhood making my dad some desk pencil holders out of food tins... or sewing and knitting with my grandmother clothes for my dolls. I was no older than 5 at that time.

Even when I was living quite a hectic life in London I would take time to draw or paint every now and then... but it wasn't until we received a handmade cross stitch sampler (and a huge one it is) for our wedding that my love for crafting re-emerged! And here I am, bought my first sewing machine, took my knitting needles and crochet hooks out of their hiding place, bought a load of fabric, some paint and some glitter... and have been crafting and blogging non-stop since.

I love making new friends, following (some more like stalking) some very talented people, learning and being inspired... I love waking up in the morning thinking how I am going to quilt my next project... I love being connected with my creative and artist side! And I only hope to inspire you to create, by following one of ,y patterns or tutorials, joining one of my classes or watching a video... 

Thanks for being there, on the other side, reading, commenting, encouraging, asking.... it is such an important part of the process. And if you are one of the lucky recipients of my hand made gifts, thanks for smiling back at me even if my gift was not perfect!


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