Monday, 29 October 2018

DIY Halloween decorations

Are you all ready for Halloween just yet? I have made the outfits... you probably have seen a few sneak peaks if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. And I am ready to get started with the house decorations… we did some carving, we did some cutting and some sticking and we are ready to get the house all sorted out...

So here are my top DIY Halloween decorations:

I love decorating the door to the house, I use paper plates (or cut circles out of white printer paper) and paint the inside circles either blue or black. I make funky eyebrows and some times I add some hair. I make a version of this every year and vary his expression.

For the mouth I cut a long stripe of paper and some shorter ones. I stick the hole thing with paper tape or bluetac so it doesn't damage the door.

And of course there's always some pumpkins being carved... and place high in the wall so the kids can spot our house from far!

I don't use any templates (as you can probably tell), we keep it simple and free hand draw on the pumpkin with biro to use as a guide when we are carving.

We also have bats flying around the house like in the picture below. I cut them out of black paper and stick them with blue tac in a flying motion.

The bottles, are old whiskey bottles that I fill up with water and a few drops of food colouring for an extra spooky effect.

I will be sharing the template for the bats, and also some spooky ghosts over on the Me Made Community on Facebook. Join us to get your free download.

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