Monday, 9 July 2018

Making a larger peg bag

Hello there!

You may have seen before over here that I have a pattern for a peg bag over in my Craftsy store (here). And I have been using it for well over 5 years now... but as families grow so does the needs for pegs unfortunately and I found myself needing a new, larger bag.

After a little consideration and deciding how bigger I wanted my bag to be without being too large and how was I going to amend the pattern to make it work for us now I came up with this!

In my bag I am using a lovely fabric from IKEA that I had leftover from ages ago when I made my doggy Feli a coat and cushion. You can have a peak at that one (here). I even managed to fuzzy cut some sections to make sure I got the pretty pictures in the bag...

So what you will you need:

- The pattern for my Pretty Peg Bag from my Crftsy store (here) printed.
- Still you will use half a meter of sturdy cotton fabric.
- A baby size hanger.
- Printer paper, ruler, pencil, paper scissors and tape for drafting the new pattern.
- Sewing notions, machine and thread.

Amending the pattern
The first thing you will need to do is modify the printed pattern to add length to the bag. To do that pint the original pattern. You will be adding about 10cm height to the bag.

Trace the shape of the front bottom piece of the peg bag into a new piece of paper leaving about 10cm of paper to the top. Depending on the size of paper you are using you may need to patch a new piece of paper on top. On an A4 sheet it should just fit. Then trace the side lines up for 10cm and trace the new top mark as per the picture below.

Now trace and cut two of the new drafted pieces and two of the top front section as per the original pattern. Stick one top and bottom part together, this will form the new back piece of the pattern. Use the other two pieces as your front top and bottom parts. Your new piece patterns should look something like this.

Continue assembling the pattern pieces as per the instructions in the pattern. Please note in the finished peg bag I sewn two tacks by hand about 4cm from the side joining the front top and bottom together. This was done to ensure the opening doesn't open too wide with the weight of the bag. You would not need to make this tag if you are making the smaller version, however you can do if you choose too!

Hope you enjoy the peg bag pattern and please do share back or tag @natilittlethings so I can see it when you post on social media!

Enjoy sewing,

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