Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Work in progress wednesday

I generally post pictures of what I am up to on my Facebook and Instagram pages, but I like to do a round up... as much as to share with my blog readers, as to remind myself that I need to finish some stuff before I start anything new. 

Who am I kidding right? We love a WIP and can't have enough... there's always new and exiting ready to be made (or half made, oh well).

So in no particular order here they go...

A new cotton blanket, made with this lovely squarish flower that I join as I go along. I teach this as a proper square in my Crochet Basics class, but I always love the way it looks without the border to make a blanket as you go... maybe a new class on the horizon but I will definitely be writing the pattern when I am finished as it is a lovely blanket, and I found the perfect cotton for it!

Did you see this picture on Instagram last week? Well I seem to have run out of project bags so I had to keep this one in a plastic bag... oh shame. It is the softest but trickiest yarn to work with. I was given it at Christmas and it is becoming a lovely and simple just knit scarf...

And then I started this other blanket. It all began as the backing of a cushion for a sample in my class, but it was too pretty to be at the back of something. So I just decided to keep using my DK stash and make rounds of pretty colours. They don't got too well together but I love it! It is supposed to be finished, but I still have more DK in my stash... so as I haven't weaved the ends in and I may keep growing it at some point it is still a WIP.

What I love about this stitch is that I won't need to work a border round... easy lazy finishes are ideal for the impatient me! The stitch is called Beautiful Shells. There are many tutorials for this stitch out but I used this one (here), Of course I made a few tweaks to the pattern and changed colours, and promise I will share them all when I am done.

And now my shameful WIPs:

You may have seen this pic a while back, well I am still to finish the other curtain, at the moment we have one short and one long side...

And the start of this blanket, well I haven't even bothered to frog it yet, but it has been replaced by the lovely cotton one above... it just wasn't quite right...

And finally this shawl, love it so much... the yarn is gorgeous, but I didn't have enough of it, I thought I would give it a go, and now it is only waiting to go back to being a yarn ball... oh well lucky I enjoy the process even as much as the final product, right?

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are and you get to make (or at least start) something beautiful with your own hands today! 

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