Monday, 11 June 2018

DIY Reusable make up pads

So my cotton pads run out last week, and I decided that I was done with them... I didn't want any more cotton pads going to landfill from my house. So I made myself some really pretty reusable cotton pads and I thought I'd share them with you all, cause that just what I do...

What you will need?

- A fat quarter (or scraps) of fleece and cotton jersey;
- Scissors;
- A jar or any round object to mark your template;
- A sewing machine - I used an overlocker but it will also work with a normal sewing machine.

Get making!

1. Create your template by drawing a circle of your desired size on a card paper or cardboard. Cut your template.

2. Mark your template in both the fleece and cotton. And cut all your pieces.
If you are working with an overlocker you don't need to cut your pieces perfectly as the machine will do that for you when sewing. See the pen marks on the picture above? That will be my sewing line with the overlocker.

3. Lay your pieces back to back and pint together to make sure they stay aligned during sewing. I used roughly three to four pins in each.

4. Sew your pieces together being carful that neither fabric is being stretches as you are going through the round edge.
If using an overlocker, use the cut function as you go to make sure your edges are nicely trimmed. If using a normal sewing machine, I recommend sewing with a straight stitch around half a centimetre off the edge and then zig-zag stitch to make sure there is no fraying on the edge.

And voila, you should have a lovely set of reusable pads! Remember to wash them in a washbag so they don't get lost in your laundry bag!

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