Friday, 29 June 2018

A market bag

I have been meaning to make a market bag for a while now... But there are so many patterns out there that I just didn't know where to start. So I thought the best way around was to try some patterns and see what I like/don't like and then maybe try to make my own...

So as my first choice of bag I gave the Edda Bag from We Are Knitters a try, and it didn't disappoint!

What I loved about this pattern:

- It comes in many languages! That is always a yey for me as I have many readers that English is not the language they learned to crochet in... and this works fab!

- It is worked flat and then shaped by adding the border and handles. I found this method super quick, not need for stitch markers and counting rounds... a great project for a holiday or while watching tv or chatting with friends!

-  It is roomy but not overly big, but of course it will stretch and enlarge when filled.

- The pattern only breaks the yarn twice in the whole bag, this makes the bag more sturdy and it also makes for less ends to hide at the end, this is a super plus for me!

What I would change about the pattern:

- I would make it slightly bigger for a second bag... which I am planning to make. As I generally buy rhubarb when going to the market I think I will need a longer bag.

- I used more yarn than described in the pattern. That could just have been me, as I used a 4.5 hook, so may need to try in a smaller hook again... but just in case make sure you have some extra cotton to hand.

- Nothing else! apart from these two minor comments the bag is ace and the pattern is written beautifully, short and easy to follow!

So if you are planning on making a market bag I think this one is great... and if I make it again I will be surely to let you know the amendments I made to the patter for you to follow!

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