Thursday, 11 September 2014

The never ending scarf

You know when your sister (brother, mum, friend, even a distant relative...) calls you and asks if they could please have a scarf just like the one you made for your mum last winter? Well be aware... this is what happened with my sister and how I got to knitting this scarf for her.

Sister: "I really want a scarf just like the one you did for mum last winter, same same, with the same cable design and everything, I just love it!"
Me: Well fine... (not very keen, I knew that wasn't the end of it)
Half an hour and a few whatsapp pictures later... sister: "Can I have the scarf three different colours, except of just one?". Me: "Yes fine, but stop sending me different colour combinations I will pick a nice one you like from what is actually in stock at the shop".
Half an hour and even more pictures sent by many different means... Sister: "Can it also be way longer than mums? Like double at least?". Me: "Well given that we are changing almost everything, shall I also change the pattern?"

And this is how it goes, with my sis, that I love so so so much but drives me insane sometimes... and given that I wasn't going to hear the end of it until I saw the end of the scarf... I got on knitting.

and knitting....

and the knitting came on a trip to Whales.

And finally the almost 3m long scarf was finished.

Cable design Bubbles from Vogue Stitchionary, link to the free pattern here.

I love the end result of the pattern and even though I normally like to knit monochrome when working with cables, I have to say that transitioning half way up the bubbles looked great!

If you are brave enough and would like to embark in a never ending scarf like me, mine was 45cm wide by almost 3m long.

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