Thursday, 23 January 2014

In love pincushion and needle case

For some unknown reason, blame it to Pinterest I guess, my post for the "In Love" pincushion and needle case has had many views lately... and with that the question of where to find the links to the templates and tutorial... So I just thought I would post the link to the tutorials once more for everyone to easily enjoy!

I absolutely adore both the pincushion and the needle case, I take the needle case with me everywhere and love how handy it is. It is always holding my latest embroidery threads and some Aida fabric in the back pocket, my tiny scissors, seam ripper and a huge assortment of needles.

So here are the links for everyone to have handy. Both patterns are also on Craftsy as a free download. So if you have an account in the Craftsy site, then use that link so the patterns are automatically loaded to your library.

In love pincushion tutorial and paper pieced pattern - In Craftsy HERE and automatic download HERE

In love needlecase (you need the pincushion pattern for the heart paper piece) - In Craftsy HERE and automatic download HERE

I am teaching a simper version of this pattern in an upcoming starter sewing class and I am really exited to see what my students come up with! Of course I will show pictures soon! Buy in the meantime more pictures of the needle case I am in love with!


  1. This is so adorable...I just love the colors...and so practical, too! Thank you so much for sharing the link...isn't craftsy just wonderful!

    Sweet blessings,

  2. That little pincushion is adorable.

  3. So cute! Just downloaded them and will make them soon ~ thank you so much!


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