Thursday, 19 December 2013

Crochet mornings

I shared before about my crochet morning class. Once a week a few friends get together to chat and crochet... We started following some of the squares in a crochet book (this book if you are interested) to make a blanket for charity.

And here is the first blanket and a few close up pictures of some of the squares... They are all different shapes and colours. Some of the blocks are tight and with really small stitches, from the days when the girsl were very nervous making their first few stitches... There are blocks with mistakes that we left unpicked, and they show the progress we made.

There are even some blocks that were sewn into the blanket the other way around and are showing their back... because we have so much fun chatting that some times we forget to pay attention! And it is all part of this beautiful group/class that we have...

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