Monday, 21 October 2013

Craft supplies Luxembourg and around!

One of the things that always puzzles me is how difficult it seems, I guess due to the language barrier, to find the shops I need around here (that is Luxembourg, of course). So one of my crafty friends put together a while ago a map on Google with all the shops she knew. And I have been using it A LOT to find new things I like and to let my creativity fly!!

And lately I have got to know many more local crafty friends, and so this is my little contribution to all of you around that are asking yourself where can I go get my supplies?? I will hope to update it every time I find a new shop or I know of any changes, and please do tell back if you find somewhere nice that I should add here...

In the meantime here's a few of the shops in the list that I generally go to (click on each name for a link to the shop's web-site when available):

  • Bastel Kiste & Stoffe - Located near Bvd. de la Petrusse on the other side of the valley in the City of Luxembourg. This shop has everything for the crafter. From pottery, painting to a huge selection of quilting fabrics and notions as well as some dressmaking fabrics. Also they stock a nice selection of yarns. On the pricey side but very handy as they have everything!
  • Wollbuttek - in the Vieie Ville. They stock a great selection of Lana Grossa yarn. The place has beautiful yarn and it is my favourite yarn shop in Luxembourg. Again you won't find the stuff for a on the budget project!
  • Veritas - on Ave. de la Gare as well as the new shop in the Belle Etoile shopping centre (Bertrange). It is half an accessories shop/ half a notions supply shop for sewing,knitting and jewellery making. Although the set up is very strange to me, they have nice stuff, love their beads, buttons selection. They have yarn on the cheaper side as well. 
  • Cactus Hobbi (Belle Etoile) - In the DIY section of the supermarket there are lots of crafty items on sale, lots of paints, paper craft items and even some yarn! Also in the clothes section there is a sewing aisle with lots of handy notions.
  • Knode Senc - It is a home appliances retailer and the official Singer retailer in the city of Luxembourg. They sell accessories and service machines as well. 
  • Mercerie Le Fil Dore - A really handy shop in the centre of Luxembourg Ville. They have lots of notions and a friendly service! 
  • Stoff-Ideen Trier - Recently learnt about this shop and I am so glad I did! Has an interesting selection of fabrics, of every type and need. From quilting cottons to flannel and lace! In the centre of Trier, so although not really Luxembourg, it is a short distance away!
  • Ava - or lets call it paper heaven! I love this shop, both the Luxembourg and Messancy store! They have all paper related items, from stationery to kitchenware. And I always seem to find something useful around there! Great for decoupage lovers!

I am aiming to update this list regularly as I find shops around that call my attention and find useful! And of course, if you are around the area and know of a shop we can add to the list, I will be very happy to check it out and add it here!


  1. Oh, great, thank you. I'm glad I could help a little :)

  2. Thank you for this info, very helpful. You could add to your list the following places:

    Mondial Textiles in Arlon ( - they have good choice of fabrics reasonably priced and also nice corner for crafters.

    Bastelstube in Trier ( - not far from the shop you mentioned, similar to Luxembourgish Bastel Kiste, but bigger and have a bit wider choice of crafts - also a bit pricey, but what can we do about it;)

  3. Woohoo!! I am visiting Luxembourg City this weekend for work. Must also check out the craft shops :-) Are there any good vintage shops in town?

  4. Thank you for this! My husband and I are moving to Luxembourg in late January, and I was nervous about being able to find craft supplies. Although I see this was posted in 2013, this is still a huge help!

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