Monday, 5 August 2013

The Eli dress

This is a very quick post, as I run the risk of taking longer to write the post than to make the dress! So for you to get an idea of what happened. Tuesday morning a few weeks back, we are leaving to the UK at 2pm and it is hot, I don't like any of the dresses and skirts I have (I live in a cold place so I don't have much summer stuff) and I want a new dress...shall I go buy one? No way, lets make one!

So I started with these:

A dress my friend Eli had given me a while back and I loved apart from the top that showed more than I intended to, and a T-shirt, plain very basic I bought (like a dozen - I go through them so quickly and they are so useful). Then I marked where I wanted to skirt to sit on the tee... not to under the bust but no quite the waist either.

And I cut off the top of the dress (yes just like that cut, cut, cut) and pinned it to the t-shirt.

Sorry it is blurry, but as I said I was in a rush! And then I sewed all around the elastic band (make sure you don't cut this out... I was in no time to attaching a new elastic band all around! I used zig-zag stitch as it stretches!

Turn inside out and try it on... mine fitted just perfect. So with the straps I made two belt hooks on the sides and added a sash I already had around! And how long did I take from start to finish... not quite a 5 minute craft but very very close. Here is the snap from my phone when I took the first picture to when I sent the finished pictures of me posing funny to my sister (if you read Spanish you can have a laugh at our conversation as well).

So 33 minutes from start to finish! I am already looking in my wardrobe to see what else I can recycle and re-purpose!


  1. It's very cute and I'm sure it kept you cool. Recycling and re purposing is one of my fave things to do. Great job!! ;)

  2. Seriously Cute & Clever! Very Nice!


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