Monday, 19 August 2013

Stash news

I love to show what I have bought (or acquired in some shape or sort) recently... it makes me so happy to have new fabric, notions or any crafting related item, that I cannot stop to share. I have received recently a lovely order from Ribbon Jar, an on-line ribbon shop. And I have been asked to design for them, yey! exiting! I know. 

So this is what I chose to work with in the upcoming weeks, and look how lovely wrapped it came, I could not stop myself but snap snap snap so many pictures of it.

The bag with black ribbon inside, is the most amazing lace, completely in love (not sure how I will manage to cut into it, we'll see).

Then there is some stitched ribbon and the tiniest of pom poms (they are so fine and cute I cannot make it justice by trying to explain it).

And the most adorable passamano Italian ribbon, gorgeous... and on the corner, a very cheerful ribbon wired ribbon.

So far it has been great to work with the Ribbon Jar team. The website was really easy to navigate and I had a blast browsing through their stock. Then once the order was placed, it was a swift and quick delivery to Luxembourg (which is not an easy task sometimes). Can't wait to get started and working with these ribbons.


  1. Very cute ribbon. I need to purchase some cute ribbon for my drawstring purses.

  2. Very special stuff! I can't wait to see what you design for them!


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