Monday, 26 August 2013

Little Miss chef

I shared earlier a little bit of my new ribbon stash, thanks to the lovely ribbons that were sent by Julie from The Ribbon Jar. And the first item I made with these gorgeous ribbons is this lovely girl apron.

And although the owner of this particular one is sadly not Valentina, my lovely model, I loved making this apron so much that there is for sure another one on the way for her! And a more detailed tutorial to share with all of you!

The apron is made from two fat quarters and it is reversible. For this particular one I used the same fabric in both sides, but you can easily change it and make it into two aprons. It could also even have pockets on both sides. Here's a close up from the back:

In a nutshell the steps for making this lovely apron are the following:
  • Select two fat quarters for the main body of the apron. You will also need a little extra fabric (fat eight should be enough) for the pocket and the straps (or you can buy some other lovely ribbon for the straps.
  • You will also need one button and 2 yards of this pom pom trim. There is a huge assortment of colours for you to choose from.
  • Print the downloadable cutting templates (here) and cut them out;
  • Mark the armholes in both fabrics making sure they are the right way around (mirror the curve on the right to the one on the left).
  • From the leftover armhole fabric cut out the two heart shapes for the little pocket.
  • Cut out the big pocket (x2) to your desired size. Sew both pockets right sides together leaving a little opening for turning right side out. Iron well. 
  • Sew the bottom section of the heart pocket to the bigger pocket and then sew the bigger pocket to one of the apron pieces.
  • Prepare three straps by cutting them in 2 inches wide and sewing all around right sides together. Turn inside out and iron well.
  • Place the piece of the apron with the pocket, right side up. Place the straps in the right position and the back piece right sides together. Sew all around leaving an opening.Turn right side out.
  • Attach the pom pom trim all around the apron and make a buttonhole for the head strap.
  • Sew the button to the strap and you are done!
And with a little left over from the strap I made Valentina a little ribbon for her hair, isn't it super cute?

Don't forget to visit The Ribbon Jar for more ribbon inspiration and stay tuned... I still have quite a bit of ribbon left over to keep making lovely things!

 I had a blast making this very easy apron and my little model had a great time playing around during her photo shoot... she does deserve an apron all of her own! 

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  1. Cute apron. My 7 year old grandson decided he was interested in my fabric stash this weekend so we had to have a project together.


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