Friday, 9 August 2013


WARNING: Decoupage is addictive, if after reading this post you get hooked on it... please do not blame me, but share back your creations.

So it turned out I LOVE decoupage! My mum has been doing it for a while and decorating the whole house buying inexpensive items or just decoupaging and re purposing old ones. So when she was over visiting a few weeks back I asked her to teach me, and there was when my love for sticking thin cute paper onto things started...

So I made this:

That I am planning on hanging from my Christmas tree this year. It was made with three ply napkins (using only the printed paper and discarding the other two). I loved cutting the paper and making sure it would match to decorate the many sides of this little birdhouse.

There are so many sections to the house that it was very entertaining to make! But if you are not so patient I would suggest starting with a less complicated piece like a little box.

And then my mum wanted to make my initial in a cute flower paper we had bought earlier. But instead of using the whole napkin she just cuts the flowers out and makes a new design with it. So here is the back with the napkin used whole (my little short cut to finishing the back after mum left).

And here is the front that my mum decorated especially for me.

I just adore it! And I am starting to think what words I can make and decoupage to decorate around the house already! A few more pictures of our creations...and a little question, would you be interested in a tutorial for decoupaging with napkins... I wonder?

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