Friday, 16 August 2013

And because I could not stop...decoupage flower pots

A while back I tried decoupage on a table... and it didn't work. That was of course before my mum taught me all the little secrets! And so, with lots of patience, I ripped it all out. I wanted to use fabric. But again I was not going to use the table as my test run, so I made this instead.

Like them? Well a little tutorial below for a quick re-purpose of any old flower pots.

What do you need?

  • Some old flower pots - mine are quite small but any would do.
  • Fabric - enough to cover the pot in the outside.I used a fat eighth for the little ones.
  • Mod podge - or simple white glue for crafting. You will need the one that turns transparent as it dries.
  • A small paint brush.

Prepare the pot, clean it and let dry. Prepare the fabric by cutting a piece that will fit around the pot. Make sure you leave enough extra fabric, as the pot hasn't got staight edges it will shift around the fabric.

Paint the whole surface of the pot with mod podge/glue and roll the pot around the fabric. As you do with your fingers try to get rid of any air bubbles appearing on the surface. Make sure that the fabric is attached to any ridges.

Once it is all covered, cut the fabric and fold it in to create a nice "seam". Add more glue if necessary to cover all the layers of fabric.

Trim the bottom fabric leaving one or two inches excess. Cut the excess fabric in little stripes. Cover the bottom of the pot in glue and with more glue in the paint brush stick each piece of fabric down as in the picture above.

Finally trim the top in the same way and glue the fabric in the inside. To make sure it looks very professional finish off with a strip (1 inch wide approximately) of fabric in the inside. Finish with two layers of glue all over the pot, letting it dry well in between. If water will be any near the pots, varnish and dry well. And voilĂ , two lovely flower pots!

I am using mine for my make up brushes and other toiletries!


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