Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WIP sneak peak

Last week husband was on a business trip... so although I didn't do as much as I was planning (I underestimated walking the puppy every 2.5hs would be so so so distracting for my crafting) I was in over productive mode... so some of the pictures here are already finished items... but the posts are still in progress so it counts... doesn't it?

I had a go at a 5 minute craft for the spare bedroom wall... yes 5 minutes or less! (if you do not count the trip to my friends' house to borrow the stapler) and then finished up my second embroidery for my embroidered wall art... and it is already up and hanging in the wall...

Went through thousands (not exaggerating here) of pictures from trips, days out, etc for the last 5 years, play around with my photo editor, saturation and colour, sent them to print... trip to Ikea to buy the frames... and we have a new and inspiring photo wall....

And I finished my little project for my next hop...

And if that was not enough... I am also almost finished in a whole new set of seat + back cushions and table cloth for the balcony table and chairs... if the sun doesn't come to Luxembourg I bring it anyway to my balcony! It will be bright! With some of the leftover fabric I also rocked up another 5 minute craft for the kitchen.

And lastly I am working on my ATC swap... and this was my first go at it...I may make a few to add to other little gifts and projects I made and then give my partner the one I like the best...need to practise on the consistency of my stitches... but I am pretty happy with the direction it is taking...

Wow after putting in words (and pictures) all that I have been up to, I feel proud of myself! Well done and keep it up! What have you been up to lately?

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  1. You've had a wonderfully productive week. I love your macros and sneak peek photo style.

  2. fun sneak peeks you very busy girl!

  3. Wow, that is super productive! The photo wall looks great!

  4. Your stitches look pretty perfect to me!

  5. Such a lovely group of projects. Love your photos!

  6. Wow! I can't wait to see bigger pictures of all of these amazing projects. :)

  7. Busy! Love that last sneek peak especially. Very pretty.

  8. Fab peeks at gorgeous projects - looking forward to the posts! :)

  9. Great to find another ATCer. I'm intrigued, look forward to seeing the finished item.


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