Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sneak peaks on my Fresh Sewing Day

So I had written the post for my normal Wednesday work in progress post and when I went to schedule it I realised... IT IS MAY! (yes super capital letters I did actually scream). So back I am doing a double work in progress and fresh sewing day post.

April has been a weird month for me, not a lot going on crafting wise, but a lot going on elsewhere... The puppy has been amazing, lots of work and lots of fun! We visited family and friends in the UK for Easter, egg hunt and everything and we did a very short trip to Lyon to see friends that were over... so as you can see not much crafting time...

Here's Feli, my Yorkie puppy, having a bad hair moring!

But I managed to make a lovely set of pouches (here) that were featured on Lily's Quilts as part of the Projects on a budget series. The red pouch was a birthday present for a lovely friend and the big one has become my WIP Pouch!

And also made Feli (my puppy) a toy basket (see here) matching his travelling cushion and coat set (for the coat pattern see here).

I have been working hard this week to finish some more projects one at a time... so first I finished the project for my birds blog hop that is coming next week (four in all)! Here's a sneak peak!

Also I am almost done with the baby blanket... maybe just one more line of crocheting around and it will be done... and as I am hiding the loose yarn and tidying it all up as I go, once I finish I am done... yey! Another sneak peak...

So what I will be working on next? The fabric is all ready, stretched and thread chosen to get started on my embroidery... I have some zippers ordered and on their way for a few other little projects... waiting for some pictures to arrive from the lab to work on a wall art for the corridor... getting an idea?

And If we get a few nice days (no rain is all I ask) we can finish getting the garden ready to be enjoyed in the summer... daffodils are almost all gone, tulips are lovely and peonies plants have started coming out... so what else can I ask?

Lily's Quilts                           

Linking up to Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day and  Freshly Pieced.... don't forget to check out what all the other people that are linking up have been up to!


  1. Feli's so cute, how I miss some of the puppy days. When their hair starts turning colors there are a lot of bad hair days.

  2. Your projects are all beautiful. Hope you get the gardening done too :)

  3. Lovely pouches and I love the sneak peek at those birds!! They look brilliant!

  4. I love peonies. I would love to have your dog too. But your pouches are really cute.

  5. I hope you get the fair weather you want. It's lovely here but a little breezy.

  6. What a cute puppy!
    I like your other projects too! I have escaped the country in search for better weather.... It worked!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com


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