Friday, 10 May 2013

Calm baby blanket

I am really happy how my new blanket turned out... my friend wanted me to make for her baby a crochet granny square blanket "just like the ones you made for charity" - she said. But I needed to do something different.

So instead I decided to play with colours, do something a little different and assembled it completely the other way around... yes the seam is on display and she is the queen of the show! VoilĂ , here's the new blanket... 

And I am calling it "The calm baby blanket". Just because the colours are very soothing and relaxing... and I am hoping that the baby that will use it will be calm and relaxed when wrapped in the blanket and enjoy cosy naps...

It measures 94cm by 80cm... which I thought would be a nice size for naps and going around in the pram... also maybe in the crib while the baby is still little... and because I live far from this little one I feel this way I can be close to her on a daily basis!

You can find the pattern for the granny square in this tutorial (here) I posted last year. Once all the squares are ready I assembled it with a simple crochet stitch to join the squares together. The only difference this time I did it on the right side of the blanket so they will show. Border is double crochet stitch all around in the same white yarn... here's a close up!

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  1. That is just wonderful and I know some baby will be calm with it. Great job.

  2. Such a wonderful blanket, I love it when the seam is detailed to become a feature. Your colour choices are so delicate, it's gorgeous :)


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