Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Work (not very much) in progress Wednesday!

I honestly try to think at what have I done this past week, and it has gone by so quickly... I have no idea! Anyway you may have seen that finished Feli's toy basket (see tutorial here)... he loves it and all his toys are stored in it... I am thinking of converting it into a carrier basket though (add straps) so I can take it to the park etc... but we'll see about that and we'll count it as a finished product for the time being, shall we?

We had a couple of gorgeous days around here, and my balcony needed some colour... tulips were already planted late last year and had started coming out, so off I went to get some spring flowers and this is what I made:

Did you notice the hooks? Well I could not find ones that fitted, so here I made some with clothes hangers!

Shy tulips... only one manage to grew from this pot but the others may just be shy and show up later (fingers crossed)

Colourful by the window

Lots of tulips ready to open in here!

The little daffodils were very small this year and are gone but lots of light purple flowers to make up for it!

And then I started my birds blog hop sneak peak yet but I am hearing birds everywhere... And I am calling it... A modern take on vintage birds... intrigued? (I am to see how will this turn out!)

And as a final note, I am very close to my 100th post... so expect a giveaway really soon to celebrate!

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Have a fantastic week full of great projects...


  1. Sometimes work goes in spurts..your flower boxes and pots are lovely!

  2. The toy bin turned out so nice! My kids could use some of those, especially in the car. Love the idea of adding handles.

  3. Pretty basket! I love tulips too.

  4. Your toy bin is so cute. I am going to use your tutorial in my upcoming basket swap.

  5. Love the basket!! I want to try one of those as well! :) For my girls toys i'd need a MEGA basket unfortunately.. haha!!


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