Friday, 5 April 2013

Vintage coffee pot

Finally I manage to have some time, take some pictures and write some posts... Hope you all had a lovely Easter, enjoyed your loved ones and eat lots of chocolate!

Today I wanted to share with you all this project... I had volunteered myself to test a pattern for Kristy @ Quiet Play. I love her patterns and I just thought it would be good to practise my paper foundation piecing skills.

So remember this sneak peak from a few weeks ago?

This pattern is part of a lovely kitchen set that you can find in Kristy shop. And voila, here's the finished block:

I love the way the pattern is set out, and how it comes together. I only struggled a bit with the background as I wanted originally to use a stripped fabric... after a little headache and some failed attempts I decided to change to a small flower design that worked much better (and easier).

And now we have the question of what to really do with it, I wanted to have it my kitchen, to add a little colour, so thought I could make cushions for the bar stools, but somehow it didn't seem fair... to have this beautiful coffee pot hiding under the bar...

So it has gone in the wall... yes I am all up for wall art lately!

I know the picture is crocked, but so are most of my pictures... so I thought it was funny for once not to edit my picture and show it as I take it... 

Feeling like making yourself a nice warm cup of coffee, I certainly do now! enjoy...


  1. Love your paper pieced block. A hot cup of tea sounds good right now.

  2. Oh I love it! Looks amazing, nice job!!

  3. Your coffee pot is fabulous! And it's red and white. My favorite!

  4. That's a lovely idea to frame it. I love your choice of colours.

  5. Love this pot! I tested for Kristy too ~ the retro clock. Love her designs and want to make them all!


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