Monday, 1 April 2013

OMG it is April already

Where has time gone by? well it certainly doesn't look like April around here... all still frozen in the mornings, snow (and ice) in the pavement... and my coats, hats, scarves and globes have not found their way to storage for some reason just yet!

But be as it may it is April already!

It has been a month full of surprises, some really good, some not so good, and the crafty world has been a little bit on the side I have to say... but I managed to finish and post a few things this month:

My lovely Pinwheel cushions have been finished and look amazing on the bed (here)... though they are still waiting for the quilt, that has been half quilted, not liked, half unpicked and still waiting for me to finish unpicking all those stitches!

We brought our lovely Felipe home... he is the sweetest, funniest puppy and I love him so much! I also made him this travelling kit (here) so he can wear his coat and sit on his new cushions when we go places! He also now has a travelling bag that was purchased, but I have been meaning to make a pouch to carry his toiletries and other stuff when we travel as well.

A few new orders were made and delivered this month, you can see pictures of our orders on our Facebook page. 

And finally some embroidered wall art for our dining room. This will be part of a three embroidery designs that I am hoping to finish soon.

So what is most urgent that I work on April? Well I definitely want to finish a blanket I am making for one of my friends soon to be born baby girl, finish our quilt and work on the remaining two embroideries... and if I can add here and there some other little projects, why not?
Lily's Quilts

Linking to Fresh Sewing Day... don't forget to stop by and look around what other bloggers have been up to and their plans for the next month!


  1. Love the black, yellow and gray in the pillow. I am loving that color scheme right now.

  2. Oh my gosh, your dog is just the cutest with his little coat and matching pillow! How adorable! Now, if only I could get my cats to wear clothes...

  3. Love the pillow but love the puppy more. I am so going to have another one. I miss my Gracie so much and he looks just like she did when she was little.

  4. Great cushions! Felipe is so adorable!! What fun!


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