Monday, 29 April 2013

Fabric news

I haven't had a fabric news post in a while, and showing all I bought in the meantime may not be wise! But I wanted to share with you all the lovely finds from this weekend...

I went to a flea market for sewists and crafters in a little town 20km from where I live. It was lovely (not the rainy day but the rest) in the courtyard of an old church and lots lots lots of things to buy. But I had secretly set myself the target of not spending more than what was in my coin purse... I think around 6 Euros in all!

I found this lovely fabric that pictures the cartoons from Chita (the series) and I thought it would be amazing for a project for my nephews (yes that is as far as I got from planning what I will make with it)... and the lady I bought it from was adorable.

Then I found these gorgeous charms... I think they are the perfect addition to a zipper tag... I already know what I am making with them, but they will be gifts so can't spoil the surprise!

And finally this amazing fat quarter of fabric. This was from a shop stand... so I didn't buy more of the wonderful fabrics they had as I am planning a visit to the shop itself! But could not help get a fat quarter of this... do you know the collection? I have never seen it before and there are no printed selvages in my fat quarter... but it is just perfect!

Also I recently got this lovely FQ bundle... this was a gift but I wanted to show it as it is such great fabric I look forward to making things with it soon....

Hope you were as lucky as me recently and have lovely additions to your stash as well!


  1. That red fabric bundle is really nice. Hope you have fun making a project with it.

  2. Love all your fabric finds. The charms are adorable.Thank you for sharing.

  3. Can you reveal name of the town you went to? And also do you have an idea when would be a next flea market for sewists and crafters around Luxembourg?

  4. This seems to be an Alexander Henry Sewing Theme Fabric:

    Also, try Google Search:


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