Wednesday, 6 March 2013

(not too many) WIP Wednesdays

Shall I just say, nothing to report and publish this post as a one liner? Probably, but I can't do that to you all, so I will tell you what happened this week...

I started quilting my bedspread... had a lot of shifting, some puckering... and so a lot of umpicking... it now sits half quilting waiting for some more unpicking when I am not feeling too frustrated.

In the meantime I finished the embroidery I was working on... it looks lovely and fits its frame perfectly... only that I bought white frames...and we are not very sure about them... so it may take a while until that project gets finished as well.

And then we picked up Felipe, our new little Yorkshire Terrierr puppy, from the breeder, and have been in love, playing with him, and cleaning after him! but not too much sewing. Apart from some little projects for him that I will be showing you soon. Here is a sneak peak anyway:

Linking up to Freshly Pieced today.

Hope you are having a more productive week!


  1. Felipe is adorable (and I love the name too!)! Sorry to hear that your quilting didn't go very well... hopefully the next try will be happier.

  2. I have an 11 year old Yorkie, Roxy. She is the love of our life---makes us smile everyday. Enjoy Felipe.


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