Friday, 1 March 2013

Fresh sewing day!

It is unbelievable that it is March already... and as every first of March I start my day by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely and wonderful mother, who has taught me the love of craft and has many many times cleaned after my crafty mess, appraised me and even displayed some doubtfully good looking items! I have sent her a little crafty gift on the post myself to help her organise her sewing (I really don't know why I keep trying to get my mum to be more organised, I have been failing for 32 years!)

Back to today's post then, and I love doing this monthly recaps and being able to tell you all, in case you missed it, what I have been up to... and since I forgot to post for February a few more pictures may pop in this post as well. Just click on the pictures if you are interested in the original posts!

Modern love counted cross stitch, the pattern is available!
Scrappy piping free tutorial - A new and creative way to not waste your tiny little scraps.

In Love pincushion and matching needle case for Riley Blake designs
Free embroidery pattern, my husband lets me have all the fabric I can HIDE! 

And now the embroidery pattern is also available for yarn lovers!

A lovely big pouch for a dear friend of mine...

Custom order for the Sopley Village WI to be displayed in their main table.

 Pretty cross stitch cards as part of our 5 minute craft series
 And of course, there has been a great thing for me this first two months... my new shop. I make hand decorated baby and toddler clothes, sets and baby gifts. And I am so proud to have added new very happy clients!

And these are just my finishes, I have a ton of work in progress but I am sure you had enough already! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out what the other bloggers have been up to following the link to Fresh Sewing Day.
Lily's Quilts


  1. Everything lovely as usual.

  2. All so beautiful! I absolutely love that set you made for Riley's Fabrics -- just perfect!!

  3. What beautiful makes!!!
    I really love the sewing case and heart pin cushion, they are so so cute!!! And I think I need the embroidered hoop, but my husband might just start looking for all the fabric I have hidden!!!

  4. Beautiful needle work. Love your style :)


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