Monday, 18 March 2013


I am joining the Blogger revolution after we heard that google reader is disappearing, but I will keep this post short and easy. I will still love to see who is out there following and reading my blog... and I still want to see, all in one page, what is going on with my fellow bloggers that I follow, admire, and inspire me so much every day. And so I am joining the Bloglovin crowd. If you also like this site, you can now find me profile set up, following the new Bloglovin button at the top of the sidebar (and below).


Or you can click in the big + sign button on top of my old google reader followers section (lower on the sidebar or below).

Follow on Bloglovin

I am not sure what is going to happen with the old google followers, but at least we have a plan B so you can still see my posts and read about what is going on in my little sewing room in Luxembourg.

I am researching other popular blog reader sites and will add the options for you to follow me on those, but if you are already using a blog reader and would like me to add a "follow" button to my sidebar, just let me know and I will get it done!

You may have seen that I have been missing in action for a week, well I am back from a holiday in Italy and lots of inspiring Roman ruins visits that I will tell you all about very soon!


  1. I came, I clicked and now invite you to pop over and do the same :D
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog :)

  2. I am currently trying bloglovin' and feedly. I have to say that I am liking feedly more.

  3. Can I ask you.. I have been seeing this often...but what is the deal with this google reader and bloglovin transition thing going on? I have subscribed to follow you via email as I do all blogs I I have to join this bloglovin site to be able to follow you? THanks for the info. I am not up on all this new stuff with the blogs and all!


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