Friday, 29 March 2013

Embroidery wall art take I

Before we set on the trip to Italy and got so inspired by Roman mosaics... I started an embroidery wall art for the house... I was inspired by the wallpaper I saw in a shop nearby (sadly I didn't take any pictures). So with a little drawing around and designing the pattern was ready and I set on to embroider it! Remember this sneak peak?

And voilĂ . here it is finished, framed and hanging on the wall...

I am so pleased with it, that we decided to change its original location in the house, to the dining room and make a set of three! Yes the other two are inspired by all the Roman mosaics and designs, I am still working on the patterns but we will get there! (You can see the pictures of the mosaics here).

I have not yet got the pattern ready for download, but in the meantime, if you can't wait to make it here are the details:

  • Made on Aida fabric 16 count (just look for a tiny grid but that you can comfortably work on). 
  • It measures 20cm x 29cm. I recommend you buy the frames first and then make sure you match the pattern to the desired size... going the other way around may mean that you end up spending a lot of money of framing!
  • The pattern was all made on backstitch and one row at at time horizontally (as that was the best way to fit my 25cm frame that I have). For a little more detail on the pattern here's a close up.

I hope to finalise the pattern soon, at the minute I am a but puzzled on how to transfer it to a digital form so it is neat and nice to work with... any ideas welcome?

I am linking up to Show and Tell Tuesday over at I have to say blog (link here).


  1. Nati it's reallly lovely. Have you tried stitcing with Evenweave or Linen yet? It's so much nicer than stitching on Aida and not as hard you would have thought. Have a look at my stitching blog whilst it's still there - the address is

    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  2. Beautiful embroidery and I love the little quilt that peaks out under the frame.


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