Monday, 4 February 2013

Pay it forward... the first gift

Do you remember this post?

A quick reminder, I am participating in the "Pay it forward, a handmade gift" initiative, by which a crafter will make me a handmade gift within one year of her blog post, and I would do the same for three other people.

Though it took me a while, waiting was as well part of the plan, as I was hoping to get to know the three ladies I am crafting for a little bit better and surprise them with a gift on the post when they least expected it.

So here it is the first gift that was sent to Sue from Suemacseeds. She is noe offering to pay it forward too, so go visit her site if you want some lovely goodies from her!

It is a mug rug with the words "Give, Dream, Love" cross stitched in the centre and a matching set of pincushions. I have mad the mug rug for the In Your Words blog hop I recently took part in.

And I thought to celebrate the occasion with a gift to all my readers. You can now find the "Stacked with love" pincushion tutorial here and in the 5 minute craft tutorial series.

I am now off to sewing two more gifts to pay it forward... they will be on the post soon.


  1. I'm doing a pay it forward too ~ for 5 people and have the whole year to do it. I've given 2 so far ~ a knitted pair of fingerless mitts and a knitted shawl.
    I love giving gifts, especially when someone really likes what I've made. I meant to keep the shawl ~ I'd posted it on Facebook and a friend just gushed about it. So she got it and was so surprised!

  2. Thank-you dear Nati for the loveliest, most exquisite gift of a handmade mit which is far too lovely to soil...but it is hanging on my fridge to remind me of you and the encouraging words you wrote that touched my heart... I appreciate your kindness and lovely handiwork very much. To me, this giving and sharing our gifts with others as well as encouraging them in the same way that you have done for me is real love in action...for that is what I felt when I received your mit through the post...thank-you so much:) grace(at)amnet(dot)net(au)

  3. I love my mug rug. I have it in my sewing room where I can look at it every day.


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