Friday, 22 February 2013

Cute pouch

Yey! I made my first ever pouch... I have had some experience with zips (not very successful though) but I can say I am pretty happy about this one... oh it is so cute.

It is a practise run for a couple of pouches I am planning... but they are a little surprise... It was inspired for a friend...that I thought would find very handy to have a little pouch where she could carry a few things around... a little book, her phone, maybe a little sewing... 

So this pouch uses a 30cm zip and it is quite tall to fit all her things! For the outside I used a lovely, gorgeous... and so hard to let go, Cath Kidston fabric. If you don't know her fabric lines and you like romantic stuff, you must check it out! And matched it with a light blue zip and a little red ribbon as a finishing touch.

And of course so my friends remembers that I hand made it for her, my tag is in the front! With my little heart sending her my love!

The lining inside is the pink stripes fabric from the Simpatico collection... oh these fabrics are so versatile I used them for so many different projects!

In order to make it extra spacey  the bottom is 2 inches wide! 

I didn't really used one pattern for this pouch. I did a lot of research on-line, looked at what the different tutorials were suggesting and embarked in my own pattern/tutorial adventure. This was really a practise pouch, but don't despair, the tutorial and pattern will be coming up really soon.


  1. So cute. I am inspired to make another zipper pouch.

  2. that's cute i like that fabric. i blogged about winning that love pattern today, tired to link back to you and it kelp going back to my dashboard. hope it doesn't do that for guilting gallerys blog hop . i will have to drop out. i had it worked on for 2 weeks and it still doesnt work right!!!

  3. i finally got your link on my blog!! so maybe i want have to quit the blog hop

  4. I love what you make. I especially love the cushion above. It's gorgeous as is this bag. You are just so clever.


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