Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A sneak peak into my sewing room

I love doing this weekly update on what I am working on as it focuses me on what I want/need to get done! I am very happy to report that all the projects from last week's sneak peaks are done... the blog posts are coming along as well.

Husband's scarf is all done as well and it is currently soaking in water and I will block it today to try to resolve a little curling issue I have... and I am planning on posting the pattern very soon for all the yarn lovers that follow me around!

But I cannot help but show you some sneak peaks into my sewing room... and living room... and bedroom... yes my crafty stuff is everywhere!

I have finished two really cute (I am in love with them) pillows for our bedroom and the quilt top... and managed to come up with a very cool binding idea that I will be showing you all next week when I host the Tips & Tricks Tuesdays.

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays at Sew at Home Mummy

And the matching quilt top for our bedroom is also finished... I love the colours, love the piecing... just need to get the backing fabric... still trying to decide what to use... so I can get on with the quilting...

And finally I also started an embroidery project... to finish the decorations in the bedroom... I saw this idea in a wallpaper and now I am thinking of a two more matching designs... hopefully I will have some new patterns drawn up soon!

So lots of new things to look forward too in the upcoming weeks! And shop related news... I am launching a new Easter design very soon... and all the orders I am working on this week are also new designs... so expect to hear a lot on that front as well!

And I have added a few new patterns in the Craftsy Pattern store from the last few projects in the blog, don't forget to check those out!

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Have a great crafty weekend!


  1. What lovely colors on your pillows and quilt! They are going to be wonderful together :)

  2. Well, I have to tell you that I am following you because your name is Nati and my name is Nita and they got us mixed up in the hugs & kisses blog hop and deleted me because they thought they had put you in twice and spelled your name wrong the second time but then they figured it out and put me back on (insert pause to take breath here) so everything was okay again and I'm glad it happened because I got to meet you! Oh, and I love yellow and grey together. :) Phew!


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