Monday, 21 January 2013

I am so not burning myself again!

So this post has a little story attached. I am a person very very prone to home accidents... burns, cuts, grating my fingers, are a usual thing over here! So the other day I am taking something off the oven, using oven mitts in both hands, and I still manage to burn myself (quite badly) right over where the oven mitt ended.

You may be asking yourself, with all the oven mitts she has been making lately, how come she does not have one for herself? I wondered the same thing... but not anymore!

So I made extra long oven mitts, that cover all the way up to where my burn was... they are extra padded, with three layers of fabric, mittens. You see, my kitchen is all black and white (picture was taken in the kitchen counter) so it really calls for colour. These fabrics are so bright and joyful that they make me smile to just see them!

The mittens have a little tag on their side, featuring a button and a button hole, so I can have them attached or use them separate as I like! They also hang really nicely on the oven door.

Another nice feature of the mittens is that they are quite slim, and shaped to really "hug" my hand and arm. I am trying to prevent the mitten to slip down my arm allowing my burning area to be unprotected!

So now I can hopefully be safe in the kitchen... though I still need to sort out the burning issues at ironing time... but for that I will really need to get creative!

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  1. I am sorry to hear you were burned. However I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one out there that does things like this on a regular basis, I have even been known to walk into walls that have been in place for 30 are not alone! Love the oven mits

  2. Your mitts are so cute... Be careful with that iron now okay?

  3. Your oven mitts are so cute. Isn't it fun using something you made for you?

  4. Ouch! Sorry to read about your accident. I really like your oven mitts and the fact that they are versatile is an extra bonus :) Stay safe.

  5. You are not alone in your clumsiness! Great idea on the oven mitts - they turned out very cute! If you find a secret to ironing without burning yourself, please let me know :-)

  6. Those are adorable! Definitely a GREAT idea to give them longer "sleeves".

  7. They are so cute! Best way to avoid ironing burns is to only iron fabric! No complicated clothing allowed! Popped over from Fabric Mutt.

  8. Way to solve a problem, Nati! I've done that myself more times than I'd like to say here... :)


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