Friday, 4 January 2013

Craft bags

It is great now to be able to show what I made for my niece and nephews for christmas. They absolutely loved their gifts and I am very pleased that I can now share it with you. When I thought of it I kind of thought it would be a good idea, but wanted to test it before suggesting it to you all. My nephews words were "this is awesome", so job well done.

I made the bags of a colourful sturdy cotton I bought from Ikea, they are simple tote bags. The handles were sewed in and reinforced so they would last. Then I appliquéd their names on using colourful fleece and a zigzag stitching all around. I first glued the letters onto the bags to keep them in place but know that they are most likely to come off so stitching is a must in this case.

So what was in the bags? A huge assortment of crafty things. My niece who is 11 got a pencil case and beads, fleecy flowers and ribbons to decorate it, a box full of foam heart stickers, an activity book, two tubs plasticine, 25 markers and some stamps. The boys got similar things but boyish, with little aeroplanes that they had to paint before putting them together. The little one got some puzzles instead of messy painting but loved his colouring book and foam stickers.

Kids hard at work decorating their aeroplanes.
We had good fun playing and doing the activities in the books. I have to say that on and off, as kids do, they played for three hours... Which was great as it was raining horribly out and adults get tired of playing hide and seek indoors!

So voilà  new kids gift idea that works great, is easy to make and the kids will love! And one last little pic of my new tags that I am so proud of and happy with!

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  1. Those bags are so cute. What a great idea. I made two of my granddaughters drawstring bags and they really like them. I love your tags. Where did you get them?


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