Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Perfect timing for this book review

First of all I just wanted to take a short moment to express how sad I feel after the events of the past week. There are so many terrible things that happen, some in a huge scale, some we don't even hear about... and they are all so sad. Specially when innocent people suffer. You are all in our prayers.

And with that in mind I thought I would share this book with all of you. A little while ago I saw this post at Craft Sew Create (here) and I immediately wanted to take part and win the book. Well I didn't win it, but the author was so kind to send me the book anyway!

I generally like going to the bible or prayer book and opening it at random and read what's there for me. I thought this book would be perfect with lots of extracts from different parts of the bible. It was so nice getting it on the post, with a fantastic letter and dedication on the first page. I will love it and treasure forever!

The book has extracts, arranged in a very nicely manner, of beautiful parts of the bible. And it just lets the reader experience the texts but in a much practical way than carrying the bible around. For those not used to grabbing a bible and reading from it, or if you just want to carry your favourite texts around (mostly all my favourites are in the book indeed), this is the perfect book.

I hope that prayer, love, good friends and the warmth of many people around the world will give the families affected by last week's tragedy and all of those suffering, some comfort and shed some light in their lives.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked in any way to make this review, I just wanted to share my thoughts of this book that was given to me as a gift by the author.


  1. What a wonderful surprise to get a book like that along with a letter from the author! Of course, we have that every time we open our Bibles, don't we? Blessings!

  2. That book seems like it would be perfect to carry around with you and to provide inspiration and comfort.


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