Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas cookies

This is most definitely not a 5 minute craft, and though it took me longer than I expected it was not that bad either. But again trying new things this time I have been baking cookies!

I had all the trouble you can think of... nozzle too big, nozzle too small, then decided to use plastic bag, plastic bag broke (a few times) and so on. But at the end it was a good experience, the cookies look good... they taste even better! (I tried a few in the process). And now I know what I need to buy for next time I want to embark in the cookie baking and decorating adventure.

I also used this tutorial for my decorating, it is from the Sweetopia blog. It was easy to follow and I thought it made my ornament cookies look more like real ornaments.

I made a little hole on each cookie before baking with the idea that I could hang them on the tree and the kids will then be able to look in the tree for their treats. The kids being my niece and nephews and my husband and I, of course! So I added some green and white twine to keep with the colour scheme.

And voilĂ  ready to amaze your guests by having edible ornaments in your tree. And I know this is short time before Christmas, but I guess you can also use them for next year... or any other occasion (and hang them somewhere else).

You can find the recipe for this cookies in the tutorial section of the blog.

And with that I leave you to enjoy and celebrate Christmas, wishing you a lovely time full of joy and laughter.


  1. Love your edible ornaments. They look great. Hope you and your husband have a very happy holiday.


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