Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas card hanger... Another 5 minute craft

So a few days ago our first Christmas card arrived... and that is a whole other story to tell as it was from a jewellery store (so what does that say about me?), anyway, back to the point. I needed to very nicely display them somewhere... and so in literally 5 minutes I had them up and going.

I used some pre-cut felt shapes that I had bought last year. Remember I used one of the angels in my advent calendar? So with that in mind I had bought some wooden pegs and matching Christmas ribbon. If you had a few more minutes to get this craft going, you could actually design some shapes and cut them in felt (white, green and red would be my choice). Well I could not wait, so used the shapes I had!

The tutorial could not be any simpler...

  1. Glue the felt shapes to the wooden pegs;
  2. With some sticky tape, glue the ribbon to a wardrobe (or any) door. Just glue them on the top ridge so you can't see it.
  3. Make sure you glue one of the shapes upside down on the peg to use as weight at the bottom of the ribbon.
  4. Go check the post box and hang your cards!

And voilĂ   you are ready to go! Enjoying the Christmas 5 minute craft series? I would love to hear what items you made quickly that look great!


  1. Cute way to display Christmas cards.

  2. How clever! This is so simple, yet effective. Thanks!

  3. Love it! Too short but simple and lovely :)

    Aree With Umbrella

  4. I love it, we've just put up the tree and i was wondering what to do with all of these cards that seem to littering the house! : )


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