Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blogging WIP

This week I have more posts to write that projects to finish! Yes well done me... (well actually only if we do not count the WIP lost and forgotten... you know how it is).  Anyway keeping with the good mood... I hanged my advent calendar this week and my Christmas wreath (post coming up soon)... we have been using our bench all this week as well and I can report cleaner floors than ever (again promise I have the post almost ready)...

I have also started new projects this week... I can hear you going what??? I know I said I wasn't going to but I had this great idea for my niece and three nephews presents and I had to get it done.

But I made progress on one of my WIPs and added a new one, look:

So what I am doing this week?

  • Finish the small table for my living room. I made quite a bit of progress, decoupage is done (as you can sort of tell from the picture) but it still needs a few things.
  • Get started with the smaller matching table. But do not forget to take a before and after picture this time!
  • Finish the Kids' Christmas gifts.
  • Sew in the squares for my charity blanket.
  • Get started on the amazing donation that Fernanda gave me this weekend. 130 squares to make two lovely blankets! 
  • And finally but most importantly take some nice pictures (please sun do come out this week) and write some posts for my lovely readers.
So what do you think? Am I, as always, trying to tackle too much and deemed to apologise for not finishing what I said I would next week? Bets are up!


  1. Oh that table looks like fun! I'm currently putting life back into an old table - but didn't think about decoupage. Looks great!

  2. Decoupage on a table. . . sounds like a great idea. Cute tables.

  3. I don't think there is enough time in a week to get everything done on your list. :)

  4. Sounds like a busy week. I am making some progress on some WIP's. I shopped for backing fabric over the weekend. Scored some good deals.

  5. Lovely table--we can hardly wait to see it all.

    Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced today and posting your WIP link.
    Elizabeth E.

  6. I love your ambition! I hope you get to cross everything off your list!


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