Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A 5 minute Christmas wreath

We live in an apartment block, but I could not care that only my neighbours will get to see it, I really really really wanted to have a wreath this year. So after doing a little research (Pinterest morning session as usual) I decided I love traditional.

And voilĂ , Christmas wreath up... 

The instructions to make this wreath is very simple, but I guess that a before and after picture will do the trick. I used a fake (Christmas tree style) wreath, a packet of cinnamon sticks, a packet of dried orange slices, a packet of little pine cones (with the wire already attached) and a little bundle of little red balls (they look like the flower on the mistle toe). Yes all pre-packed and ready to go.

You will also need something to tie up the cinnamon sticks in little bundles and some glitter and glue. So first and only crafty step is to glue some gold glitter to the pine cones and tie the cinnamon sticks in bundles (I made bundles of three).

Then making it look completely random but following some sort of symmetry (you get what I mean) just fasten the items to the wreath. I used some metallic ornament holders I bought at the craft store, but fishing line or paper clips would work just fine if you need help making sure the things don't fall out.

And voilĂ  a completed wreath in less than 5 minutes... if it is taking you more you are clearly over thinking it! just hurry up, random is better!


  1. What a great, welcoming wreath! Great job!

  2. Cute. This wreath seems easy enough.

  3. Lovely wreath - mine from last year has not yet made it out of the basement! A must do for tomorrow!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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