Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Work in progress and paint stains

Yes, this week I have mostly turned the sewing machine off and have been doing some DIY. After a trip to IKEA and a thought about which projects I wanted to tackle first this is how my garage looked.

I am working on finishing a tea box my mum decoupaged for me, painting the side tables I bought a while ago and also painting a new bench we bought this weekend.

So the plan is that the side table, which is part of a set of two, will then be painted and the top decoupaged with this paper.

Like it? It is a reproduction of a wallpaper from 1912 that I bought at the V&A in London. Once all of that is done I am hoping to have them displayed next to my sofas in the living room.

The other current project is the bench. After realising how close winter is, and with that how much I hated having the whole house floor dirty, I decided to have a bench at the entrance where people can take the shoes off when they come in. So quick trip to IKEA, and bought the cheapest ugly looking bench I could find... and have big plans for it! (I cannot tell you how happy it makes when I buy the cheapest thing and make it into something really nice!)
Pillow for the bench is done, but keeping it a surprise. Now I only need to sand it and then add a few more coats of paint and I am hoping it will be ready and working very soon, or at least before the first snow!

Also in my WIP list (so happy I managed to take it off the non-started to do list) is the headboard for our new bed... frame is ready (well thanks to the handy IKEA again), valance made and already being used, only need to get the cover for the headboard to have the first step of our bedroom re-make finished!

Too many things at the same time, and only one finish this weekend... two new pillows for the spare bedroom bed, looking quite glam. Will share them as soon as I have a sunny day to take some nice pictures.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Linking to WIP  Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and looking forward to seeing what all of you are making this week.


  1. You are certainly ambitious. Good luck with your projects.

  2. Love that bench! Looking forward to seeing your redo of it!

  3. It is going to look amazing, and I sure do like your choice of paper!

  4. i have been following you for a while

  5. You seem really busy there! Love the idea of the bench by the door though - I have room in my porch for one of those and it would save a lot of muddy footprints (I have two young boys!) so I think I am going to do the same! Such a good idea - dont know why I have never thought to do anything like that! So glad I came by to visit!


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