Friday, 30 November 2012

Repurposed fabric = new cushions

I had this two meters of fabric for a long time. It used to be the fabric in my headboard in my old flat... sorry long before I had a blog so no pictures of the "before" for this! And the spare bedroom needed something new... so voilĂ  new cushions!

The cushions are two old Ikea pillows (they have this longer pillows that I love) but whose covers had long been thrown away, yes directly to the bin as they were in such a bad state... and you know, I hate throwing things away!

I thought I would try something different for the piping, so this time instead of using my zipper foot, I directly sewn in the piping with the all purpose foot. This meant it is a wider pipe than usual and it is kind of flat. I love it, but of course that's just me being weird!

For the back I simply overlapped about 20cm of fabric to make a nice envelope effect. It looks smart and it is the cheapest (and simplest) way of finishing up a pillow case. It won't have much use so although taking the filling out and stuffing it back in may not be the simplest of processes I won't have to do it very often, so it is a good compromise!

Easy and yet so nice. I also made some very simple curtain ties to match with the leftover fabric. Do you have any material lying around that could be repurposed into something new and lovely?

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