Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's November Time

Time flies, and this month it went quicker than ever! So what have I achieved??

I have now got a huge pile of quilts and blankets to take to Argentina. I had so much help, but it is worth seeing this lovely results, cannot wait to deliver them!
Two new blankets assembled by me, and crocheted by two of my friends here in Luxembourg were the October additions to the stash.

Also made my brother's some lovely gifts for his new apartment, including the finished product of my dots on dots blocks (see here) but I am not revealing those just yet. This oven glove and pot holders set is now embellishing his kitchen.

And with the leftover quilted fabric I made this pincushion that I absolutely love.

And as part of the 5 minute craft series I also created this set of needle cases for my travelling sewing box.

There are a few other projects that have been keeping me busy and very exited, UR priceless blog hop is coming very soon, and I am working on a few other surprises for November, that I look forward to sharing with you all.

So on my to-do list for November I am planning on working on some house projects that I have left behind for a while, some new cushions and hopefully some Christmas decorations as December is just around the corner.

Linking up today to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts
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  1. Your projects are wonderful! I love that oven glove and potholders, a great gift idea!

  2. Hi Nati! I happened onto your blog from Fresh Sewing Day and I'm a new follower. Love making new blog friends from all over the world. What a great stash of quilts and blankets, and loving the pot holders and pin cushion. Nice to *meet* you. xo

  3. That is a wonderful pile of quilts and blankets! And I love those needle books - I might try one!


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