Monday, 19 November 2012

Dots on dots... cushion covers revealed

A few weeks ago... after all the charity blankets were ready to be packed, I had some time to get back to the work in progress projects and other bits that I wanted to get done. So remember the two blocks I made for the dots on dots blog hop?

Well after carefully considering all the great suggestions, I decided to make them into cushion covers for my brother's new apartment! And voilĂ , the finished cushions...

I went for the dark blue solid to frame the blocks as it made the white in the blocks sort of "pop out". And for the back (just 'cause it is the back it doesn't mean we forget about it right?) I added a little bias tape detail made of the same fabric used in the block, but what I did forget was to take nice pictures of the back - sorry.

Aren't they cute? and my brother was really happy to get them... he has now a few more projects he wants me to get done for his flat, including some huge canvas I am supposed to paint. We'll see about that!

This is me and my brother the same morning I arrived in Buenos Aires. We are looking really sleepy, it was really early in the morning and me after a 13 hour flight!

Love making home made gifts and getting through my list of WIP projects! One off the list, many many more to go...

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  1. Your pillow tops turned out great. Not too feminine. Perfect for a guy.


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