Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WIP, the lost and forgotten

For one reason or the other, I started thinking of all those projects that I started in the past and left them unfinished. And I thought if I make a list slowly I can start getting it finished. And I say slowly because I know that the list will start to get filled with new shiny projects that come my way... but at least I can keep them in the radar.

So what's on my lost and forgotten items:

I love this project, I think I will call it the zoo quilt. A while ago I made a pillow for a dear friend who just had a baby. And the idea is that I wanted it to be a 3D embroidered pillow, so I did a lovely sheep with all its curly fleece (done in wool, of course). And as I could not have enough of wool embroidery I started this pillow. But after I could finish it we were packing to move countries (again, that's an old story) and forgot all about it.

The idea is to finish embroidering the animals, cut them in little pieces (charm squares like) and then piece them into lovely blocks to make a baby quilt out of it...

I started this project before I bought my new sewing machine. The idea was to have the cushions ready to be sewn before the machine arrived... well and then I decided to start the charity project... so I have one almost finished honeycomb smock cushion front and a lot of fabric... but they would look adorable in the new bed (btw we haven't even bought the new bed when I started the cushions, well tough life!)

I have incredibly high cupboards in my kitchen, thanks to the I probably never made even tea architect that designed it. So one of the first things we did when we moved in was to buy this wooden steps from IKEA with the promise that I would make them into something nicer... So I have the paint, and the paper to decoupage it (yes with the lovely tutoring of my mum who is really good at it)... but for some reason or the other the steps always seem to remain undone! Isn't there a craft fairy that comes and magically gets your project done in your sleep?

Well now that they are all out in the open, I must oh I must get them finished up... promise to report on progress soon. And please do not feel bad if you feel like you have a lot more projects in your list than I do... note that I only listed the ones I actually got somehow started... Not included is the fabric already bought and ready to be cut and sewn, the pictures already taken and ready to be printed and framed, and the paper already bought and ready to be decoupaged...

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  1. Whoa. That honeycomb smocking is crazy. I love it!

  2. That smocking really is beautiful - you've inspired me to add it to the ever-increasing list of lovely things I want to try:-)

  3. That lion is the cutest and your smocking is beautiful.

  4. Very very cute animals! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Cute animals and we all have lots of UFO's but that doesn't stop us from creating more!

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