Monday, 15 October 2012

Traveling inspiration

So husband and I went on a little road trip last week. It was fantastic and we got to visit many countries, including adding three new countries to my list of visited ones! yey!

And there was lots of inspiration to be found, so here are the funny, inspiring, interesting things I found around.

I came across this lovely shop in central Munich, a felt shop, all felt, and the window was the best part of it, they had pre-cuts, by meter, ready made curtains, cushions, etc. Fantastic shop! I just wanted to buy it all!

The next day, in a town called Augsburg, where we were staying with some lovely friends, I found these cushion covers in a shop window, aren't they just great? (apologies for the blur but it was a sunny day).

I've been trying to find a tutorial for this in google, or at least know the name of the technique. Any ideas? Would love to know if you do... as I so want to make them now.

Anyway, moving on, the hearts in this picture as some sort of ginger cookie that is very famous around here. In Luxembourg we get them anytime there is a celebration in the city. But I just had to take a picture of this shop.

I think I also saw this in a museum in Augsburg, and I am sure are very valuable, but I thought they  would make lovely pin cushions!

Now have a look at this chocolate house, it took me a little bit to realise what they were selling (maybe 'cause I don't speak the language) but thought it was a fantastic display.

And a funny looking dog in Switzerland...

And some food inspiration in France...

Aren't these mini cupcakes so tempting?

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my vacation and the things that called my attention or inspired me somehow. What inspires you? I'd love to know...

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