Monday, 1 October 2012

And October it is

I really like taking my time to see what I have done each month, party because I love lists and ticking them down, but also because I like to see what I have achieved. So last month I said:
"Finishing the quilting and binding of my charity quilt, working on finishing up a few more with some fabric that was donated, making a block for the dots on the dots blog hop and then making something else out of it! and redecorating the cushions and curtain tie backs in the spare bedroom. Oh and I must not forget to fix my husband's boxer shorts that have been on my to do list over a month now!"

So, what I have actually achieved?

Well, I did finish my first quilt (here), and it is all nice, lovely and cosy, ready to be donated. I also managed to get a few more quilts ready to go. And assembled a charity blanket with squares made by one of my friends from craft circle (still have another set of squares waiting to be assembled, but going one at a time), post will follow soon (as soon as it stops raining here and I can take some nice pictures).

I made, not one but two blocks for the dots on dots blog hop, and I am loving them... but not, I have not managed to make them into something (click here). Although I have now a great idea of what I want to make of them! And made my first purse for the fantastic blog hop (see below) I am joining in November... but of course I can't show you that yet.

And I have not even started, measured or even had a look at the fabric for the spare bedroom cushions and curtain tie backs! quite bad eh? Well it will stay a little longer in my WIP list I guess.

But I have proudly to report that I did fix my husband's boxer shorts and that has taken his mind of the amount of fabric that is now lying around the apartment and the mess I have in the spare bedroom/temporary sewing room!

And very happy that I will be linking this post to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts blog, as I can no longer participate on the small blog meet, due to my amazing more than 50 followers, yes you, Thank You! Please go over and visit all the super crafty people that will be posting their month achievements.

Lily's Quilts

So what's in the to-do list for October...

- Lots of making for a fantastic new blog hop. We are making this absolutely stunning purses... great for gifts, though I am not sure I will be able to part from them when ready. But again you won't see them until November.

- And being realistic... I am pushing some of the other projects a little later on the year... so the one and only goal is to get all the quilts and blankets ready to be donated.

- But if I have some time I will make something out of the dots on dots blocks... as I would love to be able to finish them and give them a life of their own.

Happy start of Spring for those in the Southern hemisphere... I unfortunately have to report that winter seems to be coming early this year around here, but you have to love the wet fallen leaves everywhere...


  1. Sounds like a lovely month coming up for you! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for October. :)

  2. Sounds like a very productive month and you did get those boxers tackled so that should count as a bonus, shouldn't it?! :)


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