Monday, 22 October 2012

And more blankets

Wow, I cannot believe how many blankets I have, and there are two more coming that will be sent in December as we cannot fit them.

Don't they look super cute? So we have three more this week. These two were made by Lisa, one of my friends from craft circle. She made these two soft and cosy baby blankets that will be treasured by their new owners...

And this one I had the pleasure to assemble, but the squares were made by Nancy, one of my fellow Argentinian living in Luxembourg. She is such a neat crocheter that the moment I finished sewing the squares together there was not much else to do, not loose threads to hide, nothing. Incredible eh?

To make it a little bit bigger I made a nice thick border around, basically to use up all my leftover yarn from the project. And voilĂ  all blankets made.

It has been hard work, but cant wait to take all the blankets and hopefully get to meet some of their lovely new owners.

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  1. Hi Nati your blog is just gorgeous and what wonderful blankets are being made. I love your beautiful photos too. It's lovely to meet you, I am now a follwer :-)


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