Thursday, 27 September 2012

The 5 minute craft

Sometimes, and only some times, I get the urge to get something finished. You know when you have many long projects going on and it seems that nothing gets done? Well this is my cure for it... the 5 minute craft!
Just look around and with something you have around, just make it nicer, embellish it somehow, tidy it up, and voilĂ ... something finished, something new, and now I can relax again!

So for this pin jar, the only thing you need is a jar, with lid... any lid as long as you can tug some fabric around, some filling and a little scrap of fabric. And the instruction is simple, you have 5 minutes to assemble it! You will have time leftover to make some tea!

I will be posting little ideas like this every now and then. I hope you enjoy them and honestly, for me, it is kinda therapeutic!


  1. What a great little project. The pin cushion is so cute and useful since you can store things inside too! Thanks for sharing, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next 5 minute craft!

  2. Cute. That is one pincushion my dog would not drag off the sewing table.

  3. Very cute! I nearly bought a pincushion like that at the Liberty store :) Love the idea of five minute projects - it seems like ages since I FINISHED something - looking forward to seeing more of your ideas!

  4. Great idea, my coffee comes in a very nice jar, I could do this and the jar is big enough to hold small scissors, tape measure, EPP ready cut papers and a few scraps of material. I think that would make a good gift for any occasion.


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