Thursday, 6 September 2012

And the finished quilt

So I finally taken courage, after all the negative things I heard about quilting with fleece, and decided to do it anyway! It was tricky, as it stretches... but it was possible. And I think it looks cute, what do you think?

I quilted it just with the fleece in the back (no batting). In order to prevent the stretching I only quilted it with straight lines. So first I quilted the lines along the non-stretchy side, therefore blocking the fabric in place, and then being very careful not to pull the fabric, I quilted the lines on the stretchy side.

Not at all complicated. I left a few inches of fleece around the top to make sure I had enough space for quilting in case the top shifted. And then, as I almost didn't have any shifting, used the leftover fleece for the binding. I used to love soft borders in my quilts when I was a toddler, so why not give this quilt and extra warm and fuzzy feeling?

I was super exited to take the pictures of the finished quilt to show you all! And now that I am very happy with the finished results, I am even more exited of the projects to come!

I can't contain my smile! I kept moving the quilt around and bothering my husband while he was trying to get the pictures right!

Linking this quilt to the 100 quilts for kids charity project. And as you all may remember, sorry I keep going on and on about this, the quilt is going to Manos en Accion in Argentina. There have been some flooding lately and many people lost much of what little they had, so more than ever they need a lot of help.

And voilĂ , first quilt finished, dots on dots blocks also finished (but can't show those just yet), working on finishing off all the charity blankets in time... so many projects! so much fun!

Nati xx

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  1. I would have never thought to use fleece. I'm sure it is so soft :) Thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts for Kids!


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