Friday, 10 August 2012

The Granny Square tutorial

In anticipation to the arrival of my very first, and very much wanted, sewing machine. And hopefully all the lovely sewing related things I am planning to make... I thought I post a bit more about crochet! Also this is a celebration post as I finished my third charity blanket... and now we have got 10 finished blankets/quilts!!

I love the granny square! It is so simple and yet so lovely. But the best part of it is that it is super quick! Working on the charity blankets I was looking for a pattern that would do just that! easy, quick and lovely! And also you do not need to carry the whole blanket around when working at the hairdresser, airport, bus, as I do!

So here are the basic step by step instructions and a few tips I gather over time!

We start with a slip knot and a chain of 8 stitches.

Close it to form a ring. You will use this ring to cast all the stitches in the following round.

As we want to have a squared shape, we are not going to crochet in a circle, but to finish rows and start new ones! So once you closed your ring, add a chain of two to give hight to the new row.

The basic granny square is formed of three double crochet stitches and a chain of two (for the little hole) or a chain of four for the corners. But as we already have the chain of two that we just made, only at the start of this row we are only going to do two double crochet stitches. Remember for a nicer finish we will yarn over the whole of the stitch (and not half of it as we normally would do).

For the corners we will make a chain of four and repeat the process three more times (three double crochet stitches + chain of 4). Close the row.

To start the new row we are going to stitch a chain of four (to create the whole on top of the double crochet stitches of the previous row).

And then we continue with three double stitches, chain of two, three double stitches, chain of four for the corner and so on until we close the second row.  As I had the chain I made at the start of this round, I only finish with two double crochet stitches.

From now on all the rows are a repetition, and you can do as many as you like until you get to the size you want of your square! And voilĂ ! finished square!

You can find the pattern for the square here.

Happy crafting!

Nati xx

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  1. I love granny squares! Your nails are lovely. Can you email me? Your email address didn't come through with your post comment. This is about the Dots on Dots Blog Hop. Thanks, Corrie


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