Friday, 17 August 2012

So many charity quilts

So finally this week I got to see Auntie Penny and see all the hard work she has been up to lately putting together 13 baby quilts for the charity project! Look how lovely they look with the chickens and the dog (none of those mine by the way - just borrowed the garden and the animals for the pictures).

She has been working through her stash of fabrics and some other donated ones, finishing up some unfinished projects and converting them into baby quilts as well as brand new projects just for charity.

It was so funny, uncle and father in law had a bet going on to see how long it would take us after we greeted one another to start chatting quilting. 30 seconds was the winning bet! I plead guilty, but I was so so so exited to get to see all her hard work.

Had a fantastic time preparing all the pictures for this blog post and getting to play around with the beautiful quilts... but now it is time to try to fit them in their vacuum bags, as the new charity blanket count achieved an amazing 16! It will be challenging task to get them all in one suitcase.

And we keep going, there are a few meters of fleece, lots of fabric, and some more wool... the ladies at my crafting circle are hard at work making crochet squares as well, so I am now very confident to say that we will double the original 10 blanket target! OMG thanks to all that are participating in the project, I am so proud and grateful. Can't wait to deliver all these charitable love and hard work to the people at Manos en Accion!

Nati xx

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  1. Wow. What a beautiful picture. I'd love to feature the quilts on a line in a blog post for 100 Quilts for Kids-- swimbikequilt at gmail dot com. Thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts for Kids!


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