Saturday, 25 August 2012

Embroidery cuteness

So I had a little visitor (and of course his lovely mum) this week. And I had the chance to finally give him his 1st birthday gift: The rocket T-shirt. See how happy he is wearing it and playing in the playground!

I embroidered it using the lovely design ideas from Aimee Ray in her book Doodle Stitch (you can see her blog clicking here). I love all the designs in her book and this one was perfect. I embroidered it in bright bold colours (blue, red, yellow and orange) as well as added a little planet earth on the side and a few little stars in light blue.

As a nice finishing touch I embroidered a few stars in the back, all in different sizes, in matching yellow and light blue, they look very cute and make the T-shirt cute from front and back! You can also use any other design on the same theme either on the back or arms.

To make sure the stitching stays even after many many rides in the slide and playing all afternoon in the park, I made sure that knots were used throughout. He didn't seem to mind them at the touch, but if you do, you can simply use some iron on backing to make sure the t-shirt is soft and does not irritate the baby's body.

It makes me so happy when my gifts are used to have such a good time, and thanked with lots of smiles and hugs. I made as well a similar one for another little fellow I am hoping to see very soon, so will show you that one then!

Nati xx

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