Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cupcake baking

Following Argentina's friendship day tradition, we organised with my Argentinian friends in Lux our take on Secret Santa. So my gift for my friend Maia was a complete cupcake baking set, including tray, paper cases, piping bag and a cupcake baking class (or sort of baking together afternoon!)

So yesterday we met for a bit of baking fun, and although Lux is not baking heaven (that is due to the limited amount of supplies readily available at the shops) we managed to make some lovely cakes... and finally I got to show off the cake dish I bought a couple of weeks ago!

I'm not a very experienced baker but I love (and use every time) the perfect butter cream frosting recipe and tutorial from the girls at cupcake addiction in Australia. Their tutorials are so easy to follow and it is great to see what my frosting should look like in their YouTube video. Check out their "Perfectly Pipeable Butter Cream Frosting" tutorial and recipe on YouTube.

It was so much fun to have someone over when I am doing some baking... gossip, chatting and all while making this lovely and yummy (yes, all gone by now) cakes. And it was a great distraction from all the crochet and blanket making that is happening around here lately... it was good to see some icing sugar scattered around the floor rather than little bits and pieces of yarn everywhere!

Nati xx

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